Covid 19 Announcement

Here at RCH we understand your concerns about Covid and would like to reassure you by letting you know our strategies for dealing with what may be an issue for some time to come.

 Our caravans are always thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in between clients, and in addition to this they will be fumigated with an airborne disinfectant 'bomb' which can get into every nook and cranny in the caravan. This disinfectant is what is called a 'high level' virucidal disinfectant that is proven to kill Covid 19.

We bring the caravans to your chosen site, and we pick them up. This is usually done well in advance of our clients coming to stay in the caravan but if clients are present when the van is delivered or collected, then we will maintain correct social distancing at all times. All touch points (ie door handles and so on) will be disinfected with a high level virucidal disinfectant proven to kill Covid 19 after delivery.

Keys to the caravans are delivered remotely via a coded lock box attached to the caravan itself.

Payments will be via BACS or debit/credit card only please. And if you, or we, ever need to cancel a booking due to Covid restrictions, then we will honour a full refund.